Send as “Your Custom Domain Email” using Gmail

What is Custom Domain Email?

You probably used or are using email addresses in your everyday life. Whether its on Gmail, Yahoo or on any other email service provider, having an email address is a must this days. But what is a custom domain email? What makes it different?

If you have a website/business, you might want to use an email address with your domain or your business name in it. Using [email protected] as an email address is more recognizable than using [email protected]

Benefits of using a Custom Domain Email

Helps in Promoting or Brand Recognition

Using a custom email with your domain/business name with it helps in promoting or brand recognition. It helps customers to easily find you. Sending emails using custom domain looks more professional than using free email service. And sometimes other users can easily create a copy of your email addresses and use it to spam your clients.

Separate Business and Personal Transactions

For security or for just separating business and personal transactions a custom domain email address is a great tool to have. Like having a Facebook page that provides a “post as yourself” or “post as page admin” option. Personal and business emails must also be separated. Especially in corporate businesses where you don’t want to use your personal email address in handling corporate subscriptions.

Needs Less Maintenance

Your brand must always be yours, so as your email addresses. In corporate businesses with changing employees a custom domain email needs less maintainability. This helps prevent problems on changing/resigning employees. When an employee that handles email transaction resigns, changing custom domain password is much easier than messaging clients about changes in personal emails.

Is Using a Custom Domain Email Easy?

Using webmail to manage custom domain emails is not easy, though. Problems can occur when your domain and email addresses is hosted in different hosting. Webmail’s user interfaces can sometimes looks intimidating than usual email service. This make merging gmail and your custom domain email a good solution.

Use your Custom Domain Email in Gmail

Things Needed for Importing Email

  • Gmail account
  • Custom Domain Email Address
  • Mail Client Manual settings

Getting Mail Client Manual Settings

If your using CPanel,

  • click on the Email Accounts link in the Email Tabs
  • and look for the email address that you want to add to gmail
  • on the right side of the screen click Connect Devices to see Mail Client Manual Settings like what is shown in the picture below

Gmail Accounts and Import Interface

Gmail Accounts and Import Interface

Having your mail client settings, log in to your Gmail account. Click on the cog icon(a red arrow is drawn), and select Accounts and Import tab.

Guide in Adding Custom Domain in Gmail

  • In Gmail Accounts and Imports tab,
  • Look for Check email from other accounts section
  • and click Add an email account
Gmail Accounts and Import Interface

Images below will show the step by step process of adding custom domain email in Gmail

Gmail Accounts and Import Add new Email
Gmail Accounts and Import Add new Email from POP3
Gmail Accounts and Import Add new Email Incoming Server settings

The image above shows a form that must be filled by the incoming server settings provided in the Mail Client Manual Settings.

Gmail Accounts and Import Add new Email Incoming Server Completed

After completing filling the form, you will be asked if you want to send email using your custom domain email in gmail interface. Which is a great option. You only need to fill the form with Outgoing Server information provided in your Mail Client Manual Settings.

Fill the form with Outgoing server information that is also provided in your Mail Client Manual settings.

Gmail Accounts and Import Add new Email Outgoing Server Completed

To complete the process a verification code will be mailed to your custom domain email. You only need to input the code in the form and your done. You can now receive and send emails as your custom domain email in your gmail account.

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