Record your Screen using OBS Studio

What is OBS Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software is a free, open source software for video recording and live streaming. Like what it says in their website Best alternative for other expensive softwares (if you don’t want to disturb your wallet). It has user-friendly interface and features that can be find in other costly products.

Open Broadcaster Software Features

  • Allows multiple sources for creating scenes eg: windows capture, images, text, browsers and many more.
  • Supports many streaming platforms
  • can set unlimited number of scenes
  • modular ‘dock’ user interface

Where can you use OBS Studio?

I liked using this software in capturing my screen. Whether I’m painting or just wanting to capture my gaming experience, this software suits my needs. Though I haven’t tried using streaming features directly, it is one of OBS best feature. Cutting and resizing videos can also be done using this software.

How to Record Screen using Open Broadcaster Software?

OBS User Interface

Open OBS Studio and you can see that under the Sources tab, Window Capture is selected by default. Right click Window Capture and select Properties.

OBS Window Capture

Clicking Properties updates the Preview and the Program windows. See the example image below.

OBS Window Capture Properties

Now you can start/stop recording your screen using the button in the lower right corner of OBS studio.

Additional Information

OBS Studio is a great program to have in your arsenal. Constantly updated by a great team of developer, you’ll be surprise on what this free product can offer. If you want to try OBS studio. Be sure to download it at the official website

Good day and happy recording.

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