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Gimp Focus Blur Feature – Bokeh Like Editing

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Gimp is a graphic editor who in my opinion is a great alternative for the popular Adobe Photoshop. It is free, open source and most of the time can be use to perform professional graphic works. I’ve been using Gimp for quite some time. And I really love it.

For me, Gimp makes the absence of Photoshop unnoticeable.

Using Namecheap EasyWP WordPress

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Created to managed Wordpress site easily. Namecheap EasyWP made everything from installing to managing Wordpress website fast and simple. I’m actually using it in one of my site. And just got it for a dollar a year.

Manually Reset WordPress Plugins – AIOWPS in Particular

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Share this to your friendsLets try to learn how to manually reset WordPress plugins. AIOWPS in particular. Because this little knowledge might sometimes come in handy. What is AIOWPS? All in One WordPress Security (AIOWPS) is probably the first plugin I would install after a WordPress setup. It manages almost all the security aspect of […]

Cheap WordPress Hosting – Make the Most Out of your Money

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Looking for a cheap price doesn’t mean your also looking for an incomplete WordPress hosting. This tutorial will help you make the most out of your money.

Minimize Panic Attacks Such a Scary Nightmare

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Let’s try to minimize panic attacks by just being knowledgeable. Basically panic attacks causes shortness of breath. With the numbness of thighs, arms or feet. Sudden fear and desire to go to a safe place. Blurry or completely blocked sight or breathing. In short, a very confusing nightmare.