Manually Reset WordPress Plugins – AIOWPS

Manually Reset WordPress Plugins - AIOWPS
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I sometimes experience problem using All in One WordPress Security (AIOWPS) plugin. It occurs when a new WordPress update is installed or the AIOWPS Login Whitelist detected a change in my details. Though I actually don’t know why my settings would change neither not saying the update completely disabled my plugin. I’m just saying it happened on that day.

My host automatically updates software (WordPress in particular), and I confirm that after disabling the plugins folder in my cPanel. I also don’t use a different computer or browser when blogging nor connecting using a different connection. Though checking the plugins Account Activity Logs shows changes in my details. It might be a bug or my ISP, but either way I loved using this plugin and uninstalling isn’t an option.

To disable WordPress plugins in cPanel

  • You need to login to your hosting provider
  • Go to your domain cPanel/File Manager
  • and just rename your plugins folder in your WordPress wp-content directory

This will disable all the plugins in your WordPress, so you might want to try renaming the plugin’s folder inside the directory instead. I actually don’t have any plugin except AIOWPS so renaming the whole plugins directory isn’t a problem. And I knew its the one causing the problem. That’s because the secret login page, one of the great feature of All In One WP Security is actually working. Though login in using that page don’t work. So I needed to disable the plugin before I can log in to my WP dashboard using wp-login, the default login url.

All In One WP Security plugin is really a great plugin and I want to activate it immediately. Though the problem re-occurs when I try activating/re-installing the plugin. My IP address might be block, though I can’t find it listed in my plugins setting or in my WP database. So I ended up deleting the value of my aio_wp_security_configs in the database. I don’t say that this is the right way, but it solved my problem.

Manually Reset All in One WP Security & Firewall Config

To reset your aiowps setting :

  • You need to login to your cPanel
  • and visit phpMyAdmin
  • go to your WP database and look for aio_wp_security_configs in your options
  • and just simply delete its value and save

I ended up configuring my AIOWPS settings again but my problem in the plugin is resolved. You can try backing up or copy pasting the value in your config before deleting it in your database. This will make restoring settings easier.

Again, the problem I experienced might be because of my previous settings or might be because of my IP address. But I hoped you learn some information in this article.

Hope it helped. Thanks and good day.

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