How to Prevent Minimize Panic Attacks

How to Prevent Minimize Panic Attacks
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Shortness of breath, combined with the numbness of thighs, arms or feet. The feeling of being choke and weakened. Every move feels slow and light yet the brains thinks fast and unsteady. Never thought there was such a feeling, it felt like being slowly drained, it felt like dying.

What is Panic Attack or Anxiety Disorder?

ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) describes it as the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes.
Panic attacks or anxiety disorder is really scary, it happens randomly in places you’re never expect fear is necessary. It happens even when you’re asleep.

What causes Panic Attacks?

The exact cause of panic attack or anxiety disorder is not yet fully understood. However documentations about panic attacks can be seen online and you can read good articles about these in the net. There are websites that conducts short quizzes that will tell if your on to panic attack and what degree your in. You can also learn tips on how to handle this kind of attacks. But as an additional information, here’s a list of cases that might cause panic attack.

Panic attack might be cause of:

What triggers a Panic Attack

Avoiding or controlling panic attacks isn’t an easy task. Simply telling yourself that “everything is not real”, might not help either. The pain and the uncomfortable feeling consumes every ounce of courage in you. One attack I remember having trouble handling happens on my way to work. I was about to deliver a document to an accounting office that day. I was on my way when suddenly panic attack occurred. I was actually half of the way, a few blocks more and I could have reach my destination, yet I didn’t reach it. Having shortness of breathing and weakened knees, I was force to seat down in a corner. Everything seems moving slow, the vehicles, the people walking beside me, my breathing, my hearing. It was really scary.

Every feeling or pain is real, yet people around you tells, it was just in your mind. I was examined a lot of times, yet medical test tells there was nothing wrong. Of course, I was really happy to find out that things are all normal. Yet panic attacks still occurs. And it was really confusing.

After experiencing it almost a years, this are the things that I noticed, hope this helps you understand panic attack much clearer:

Learn to handle caffeine properly 

There are actually no evidence that consuming caffeine causes panic attack. And drinking coffee every morning helps handles cold shower. But a sudden boost in alertness and mental sharpness because of caffeine confuses people with panic attack. This changes triggers panic attack.

Have a complete sleep

Of course not having a complete rest really makes you feel dizzy, but for people who suffers on panic attacks, the difference between being sleepy and lightheadedness might not be defined correctly. When your brain tells you that you are sleepy your breathing become slower. A sudden change of heart beat can cause panic and can trigger sudden adrenaline rush that causes you to become aware and alert. Completely confusing your eyes and brain because of the sudden changes.


Lack of fluid in the body causes lightheadedness, headaches and a increase of heart rate. Three symptoms of panic attack. When your dehydrated you feel weak and your brain could not run at full speed. You can’t even think clear and calming yourself seems really impossible.

How to prevent or minimize Panic attacks

Exercise and make your heart healthier and stronger

Fear of dying, thinking that your heart will fail and completely stop makes the condition worst. Learn to fight the sudden change of heart rate by exercising. Challenge it. When the fear of fainting starts to trigger, jog. Try jogging in place and put your heart and body to a test. “If I’m going to faint, so be it.” If it just a panic attack, the fear of dying or fainting wouldn’t happen.This will help you boost your confidence to fight the next attack and at the same time makes your heart healthy.

Learn not to control your breathing

When you feel your controlling your breathing, trick yourself not to do it. This often starts panic attacks. I don’t find breathing deep helpful, maybe because I’m doing it the wrong way. I remember doing it the other way, pausing my breathing for a while. Improper breathing can lead to hyperventilation and will just make your condition worst. There are websites that teaches way on how to breath normally. I remember feeling my old self when I was travelling to Manila. I was really relaxed as if there was no signs of panic attack in me. The feeling of being my old self came back. Every people with panic attack knew that feeling. And how did that happened? I was breathing properly, thanks for the help of the seat belt. I remember feeling the belt wrapped around my stomach. A good way to focus on belly breathing. Learn and practice belly breathing, its a good way to relaxed.

Laugh, talk to your friends, socialize

Never forget to have a good laugh, a good way to fight stress. Do not let fear stop you from going outside and being with your friends. Never let your fear consume you. Do not let fear waste your life. Talk, laugh, and be happy. Enough said.

Additional information is a great site that helps people with anxiety disorder.I remember downloading his book for free. And it was really helpful. Please visit his site and learn more on how to handle panic attacks properly.

Hope this blog helps. God bless and enjoy your life.

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