Hosting WordPress Blog in A Small Orange

Hosting Wordpress Blog in A Small Orange
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Feels so lucky getting a full year shared hosting plan from A Small Orange because of there black friday sale. Surprisingly got it for a really really cheap price. I was actually waiting to try there service and luckily I’m on it now. There service are great as some articles I read says, I got to set up and try running WordPress in just a couple of minutes. And it was really easy.

Installing WordPress in A Small Orange

If you both have a domain and a hosting plan in ASO and want to try WordPress, ( be sure to have all your contents ready before purchasing plans.)

  • you can now login to ASO Login Panel
  • click the active domain that you want to use
  • and go to your domain CPanel
  • look for WordPress in the Software list
  • and click it to install it

You can also try using other blogging platform such as Weebly or Ghost, both a click away in your panel.

Having Trouble Hosting WordPress Blog?

A Small Orange is known for its great customer support, you can also read there documentation on how to Install WordPress with Softaculous, as this article will highlights all the problems(if any) and solutions that you encounter in hosting website in ASO.

Disadvantages of Hosting in A Small Orange

Terms and Conditions Checkbox

Or rather the login form. Even clicking the Remember Me checkbox won’t let me log in again easily. While using WordPress makes managing website easy and separated, sometimes the needs to login to ASO is needed. And this will put you to the never ending battle between the Terms accept checkbox. 😀 This might sound simple and there might be a solution to this issue. But just to have something in my cons list I’ll put this here. :p

As of now, I haven’t experience serious problems and still currently reviewing advantages hosting website in A Small Orange. Sorry if this article seems dull. But I’ll update this as soon as I encountered any.

Happy hosting.

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