Be a Green Hero using GCash Forest

Be a Green Hero using GCash Forest
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What is GCash Forest?

GCash Forest is one of the best feature of the GCash app. If you still aren’t using GCash, try reading GCash – My Favorite E-Wallet for a quick information.

GCash Forest is one of GCash best feature that helps maintain the Philippine forest. If you want to partake in restoring our forest, using GCash Forest is one of the cool ways to do it. By simply earning green energy (the points use in GCash Forest), you can plant and grow trees in real life. Yes, you read it right, in real life. It is now easier to help maintain our forest.

Kudos to GCash for having this feature. And if you want to become a Green Hero you can download GCash in App Store or Google PlayStore.

Benefits of using GCash Forest

Instantly Becoming a Green Hero

By using GCash Forest, you automatically become a green hero. Whether by buying trees or by just doing simple tasks that reduces carbon footprint, GCash Forest pushes individuals to really help the environment. So if your already on to cashless payments and want to become a green hero. Better try GCash Forest via the GCash app.

Giving you Tasks that Makes you Healthier

To acquire green points in GCash Forest, there are simple tasks that will really help you to stay fit. Health apps that can track your steps can be linked to GCash Forest. By converting your daily steps and activities to green points, you’re not just helping the environment, your also keeping yourself healthy.

Getting Started

After installing GCash app, you can simply click the GCash Forest leaf icon in the main menu. By doing this simple activation, some of your activity in your GCash app can now be converted to green points. Eg: paying bills, buying load and sending money.

Additional Information

Some GCash Forest trees have limited stocks so if you have acquired enough points. You better hurry and plant your trees.

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