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Cheap WordPress Hosting – Make the Most Out of your Money

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Looking for a cheap price doesn’t mean your also looking for an incomplete WordPress hosting. This tutorial will help you make the most out of your money.

Gimp Focus Blur Feature – Bokeh Like Editing

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Gimp is a graphic editor who in my opinion is a great alternative for the popular Adobe Photoshop. It is free, open source and most of the time can be use to perform professional graphic works. I’ve been using Gimp for quite some time. And I really love it.

For me, Gimp makes the absence of Photoshop unnoticeable.

Be a Green Hero using GCash Forest

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GCash Forest is one of GCash best feature that helps maintain the Philippine forest. If you want to partake in restoring our forest, using GCash Forest is one of the cool ways to do it. By simply earning green energy (the points use in GCash Forest), you can plant and grow trees in real life. Yes, you read it right, in real life. It is now easier to help maintain our forest.

GCash – My Favorite E-Wallet

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Probably my favorite e-wallet. GCash turns your smartphones into a mobile wallet that can be use to pay bills, shop, send and receive money fast and conveniently. Also when linked to your bank accounts, the app can be use to instantly transfer or deposit money online.

Hope Tomorrow’s News

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Share this to your friends Hope tomorrow’s news about increase in deaths and infected is just an April Fools joke.

Send as “Your Custom Domain Email” using Gmail

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Share this to your friendsWhat is Custom Domain Email? You probably used or are using email addresses in your everyday life. Whether its on Gmail, Yahoo or on any other email service provider, having an email address is a must this days. But what is a custom domain email? What makes it different? If you […]